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"We have two dogs who can be a bit of a handful, Kipper who is a rescue and a little nervous and barky and Bilbo only a year old, our bonkers Patterdale who has to be on a flexi lead all the time because he cannot resist the wiff of a rabbit and loses all sense of time and space when he's on the trail.

I saw an advert for Animal Outings in the local paper and snipped it out as I was about to start a full time job. Carroll came round to meet me and the dogs and to run through her services. She immediately came across as professional and friendly and the dogs thought she was great, all wags and licks. I have now been using Carroll's services for 6 months and I could not do without her. She is totally reliable, kind and caring to the dogs. All this eases my guilt at leaving them on their own in the house and ensures they get a good hour's exercise a day.

I love the little written reports she leaves every day, on what they have been up to on their outing,
this gives such a personal touch and makes me feel involved.

Thank you Carroll for making my dogs very happy and as a result making me very happy too." ~ Jackie

"Just a quick email to convey how happy I was with the care you gave to Meg, Treacle and the cats whilst we were away for the long weekend. You really could not have been more helpful, even when plans had to be changed at the last minute.

It was so great to know that the dogs were in a "home" setting and had settled well.  Your text updates were reassuring and a lovely extra. They returned home happy and contented with no signs of upset or stress associated with even the most expensive "kennel" environment.

A professional service with that extra customer care for both owners and pets alike."
~ Sue - Treacle and Megs owner

"Having decided we would like to give a home to a retired greyhound we knew we would need someone to walk our dog during the day whilst we were out at work. We came across Animal Outings' advert in the local magazine and haven't looked back since. Carroll is friendly, enthusiastic, professional and helpful at all times, is easy to get hold of and flexible to last minute changes to plans. She has been patient and understanding helping Spirit to adjust to life outside of racing kennels and has helped to train him and socialise him with other dogs. Her daily diaries are a brilliant idea and ensure you are kept up to date with what your dog has been up to in your absence. Spirit loves his daily lunchtime walk and is always pleased to see Carroll, she is a big part of his life and we wouldn’t be able to have him without her excellent services. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carroll to anyone; you can be assured that your pet will receive the very best care whilst in her hands." ~ Claire and Simon

"We got Coco our Sprocker Spaniel at 8 months old and didn't really know what we were letting ourselves in for. She is a complete ball of energy and would walk for 8 hours a day if she could. So once we realised that leaving her alone while we were both at work was not an option, we were completely at a loss as to what to do, as neither my husband or I were in a position to take her with us. I got a copy of On Your Doorstep magazine and had a flick through and saw the advert which saved us and Coco. Animal Outings offered not only daycare for dogs, but daycare for dogs at the most fantastic daily/weekly rates.

I called Carroll and discussed taking Coco for an introduction. She can be quite a shy and nervous dog when she first meets people, so I knew as soon as she met Carroll and her family that she felt completely natural and comfortable in their home. She can't wait to get there on a morning and as soon as we get near Carroll's house, she runs around the car crying to get out. It is not only Carroll who is fantastic with our little girl, but also the kids adore her and I am 100% comfortable leaving her there all day Monday to Friday. I feel sure that she misses them when she is not with them and she gets such good excercise that she is worn out when I pick her up, which takes the pressure of my husband and me feeling the need to take her out for a long walk after work every night when we are tired.

Coco is going to Animal Outings for her holidays in November and January. This is a huge weight off our minds, as it is possible to leave your lovely pets with friends and family when you go away or put them into kennels, but it is so nice to know that she will be properly looked after and get the individual care and excercise that she needs on a daily basis.

Please don't ever stop doing what you do so well, you are a true godsend!" ~ Penny & Darren Wood

'Very glad we found you to look after Kia in her home territory. Will be happy to use your services on future holidays'  
~ Mr Knox

"Our white boxer puppy Stan was the new addition into our family and I needed someone to come and walk him on days when I was in the office.  I was new to all this and emailed Animal Outings to enquire about what services were available.  Carroll telephoned me straight away and made an appointment to come and meet Stan, myself and my other half.  Carroll took a lot of details about Stan and what we were wanting from the puppy walking.  I felt very confident after the first meeting that this was going to work out.  Carroll was friendly, enthusiastic and I felt less guilty about leaving my little boy during the day.

Stan adores Carroll and the daily diaries that we get are a brilliant way of being involved in what he’s been up to.  Carroll has also done obedience training with Stan and left us training sheets and “homework” to do with him. 

Stan is a very happy, well behaved little boy and having Carroll work with him has had fantastic results.

Carroll offers fantastic advice, she's always there at the last minute if plans change and feels like a second mum to Stan. 

I can’t thank Carroll enough for the work that she does with Stan and would recommend her to anyone."
~ Sarah Hutchinson 

"Our kittens, Monty and Lily hadn't been with us very long, they are also rather sensitive and nervous. The thought of having to bundle them into a cat box and put them into a cattery whilst we were on holiday just didn’t seem right.

It was therefore fantastic to find Carroll and Animal Outings. We were encouraged by glowing testimonials on the website, and any few remaining concerns we might have had disappeared on meeting her. Carroll took detailed notes and was very friendly and professional. The cats didn’t run a mile from her either, which was reassuring!

She came to feed and water them daily for a week, also taking the time to play with them and give them some attention. On our return, we found two very happy little cats. It was also comforting (and entertaining!) to find her diary of how the week had gone, and see what they had got up to! We wouldn’t hesitate to use her service again and would thoroughly recommend it." ~ The Morans


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